Wellness Industry Help Wanted at OrganiCleanse Wellness Center in Fort Worth, Texas

Part Time Colon Hydro Therapist Wanted
OrganiCleanse Wellness Center is seeking to give that one very special person a fantastic opportunity to join a growing and successful alternative wellness center. A self–employed mature colon hydro therapist is preferred or will train a mature retired nurse or massage therapist. Part time to start, flexible hours could move into full time. Our operating hours are Monday- Friday 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Salary negotiable depending on experience.

Applicants should be ready to work under their own initiative and must have good communication skills, professionalism, confidence as well as a natural, empathetic and caring bedside manner.

Skills, interests and qualities of a colon therapist:

• Good communication and listening skills
• A genuine desire to help people and the ability to put people at ease.
• The ability to work closely with a wide range of clients.
• Patience and understanding.
• A thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
• An awareness of related health and safety practices and procedures.
• Respect for privacy and understanding of surrounding confidentiality.
• Must take pride in keeping center clean and organized at all times.
• Medical scrubs and closed–toed shoes are required.
• Must be well groomed and arrive at work ON TIME, refreshed, fit, calm and clear minded which includes their personal lives in sufficient order to focus, handle, and keep up with the dynamic pace of a wellness center.
• This is a Contract Labor Position. You will be responsible for your taxes. You will also be required to obtain your own Liability Insurance.
• You will be Paid Weekly.

Please email your current resume to tmcalister52@gmail.com with the subject line “Resume for OrganiCleanse.”

Located in the Glenview Professional Building