Hello, I am Teresa McAlister.

I have been involved in health and healing since 1984. Through the years I have performed colon cleansing and irrigation therapy on a variety of systems. I switched to the gravity woods closed system which we feel gives a superior release and a much better overall colonic experience than a pressure system. I am certified through the Wood Hygienic Institute, the first state licensed school of colon therapy in the U.S. utilizing the gravity flow system. I am also a Level One practitioner in Lymphatic Drainage using the Lymphstar Pro electronic therapy instrument.

My own healing has brought me into this field of practice. My bedside matter and my natural way with people has provided me with a devoted following. I enjoy and truly feel honored to be a part of the healing journeys of others.

OrganiCleanse is proudly listed in the Natalia Rose Colon Therapy Directory.

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