It is my pleasure to offer my recommendation for services by Mrs. Teresa McAlister, of Organicleanse.me! Lymphatic Drainage and the Colon Detox Package were priorities for me, as I wanted to enhance my immune system after eight+ weeks of radiation-treatment. Mrs. McAlister runs a first-rate, professional operation!

-Clo Brown, DFW TX

In the past I haven’t written reviews because there’s never been much in the way of customer service and care that has gotten my attention. Teresa McAlister has changed that for me. She is the owner of OrganiCleanse and I can say without hesitation that this woman cares for you as an individual. The system she uses is called the Woods System. In my opinion, it is the safest system around. I have used other system‘s where the technician has total control over the water pressure [which can prove to be very dangerous in untrained hands] and there’s no comparison. The Woods Systems pressure comes from gravity only. There is no undue pressure or harm caused to your colon. It is gentle and pain free. Her facility also offers other amenities but one of my favorites is the Lymphatic drainage therapy using lights. The result is fantastic, especially if done before having a colonic. Teresa’s goal is to help you be the best you can be without trying to sell you a bunch of products you ultimately don’t need. Every time I leave I feel better. Even my husband has commented on how much better my skin looks and how much happier I appear. Do yourself [and your loved ones a favor] and try it. Promise you’ll be happy you did.

-Karen, Arlington TX

I have been having colonics for over 15 years. I do this to enhance my general health especially in regards to my allergies. I began using Teresa McAlister at Organicleanse Wellness Center a little over a year ago. She uses the Woods Gravity System which is different from a pressure colonic which is what I was use to using. However, it works very well and results in a good colon cleanse. Teresa is a delightful person who is knowledgable about colonics and the system that she is using. She does an excellent job of educating her clientele as wells as puts them at ease with the process. Whether you are use to having colonics or you are considering having one for the first time, going to Teresa at Organicleanse Wellness Center is worthwhile.

-Linda Arlington, TX

Very clean and professional place. Teresa is extremely professional and helps make, what can be an awkward situation, very comfortable. This gravity closed system is so gentle on the body. I feel so much healthier since I started coming to OrganiCleanse. I have even lost weight since doing the series of colonics. I cannot stress how wonderful you feel after having a session, physically you feel light and full of energy with improved mentally clarity that puts you in the best mood! I look forward to trying all the services. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone that is trying to improve their health. I give it a 5 star rating!!

Debra, Irving

Due to current health issues and also to environmental exposures in my past, the physician who is treating me recommended colonics for detoxing to go along with his treatment protocol. Prior to choosing OrganiCleanse, I did an internet search and determined that the Woods Gravity System would probably be the most beneficial procedure for me. However, never having experienced a colonic before, I was understandably apprehensive. Have to tell you…Teresa put me at ease immediately on my first visit. She is very personable and knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly as you go along. As a matter of fact, I really look forward to my appointments… like visiting with an old friend. I know I still have a ways to go in my detox process but I have definitely noticed an increase in energy and a new sense of well being. With the benefits that I am experiencing at this early stage, I look forward to continued health improvement. I would definitely recommend OrganiCleanse and especially Teresa McAlister to others.

– Susan, Fort Worth

My hats off to OrganiCleanse! What a nice place! Teresa was wonderful and very professional. I am a personal trainer I have done all kinds of colonic hydrotherapy (pressure systems) for years. New to this area I found OrganiCleanse online. After speaking to Teresa the owner I decided to try the “gravity” system out for myself. I can honestly say after several colonics at OrganiCleanse the woods gravity “closed” system will be my system of choice. It is so very gentle to my body giving me great results with every treatment session! I am a believer! Once you have tried it you will know why. As a personal trainer I can say this can jumpstart your weight loss program by cleansing your body of toxins. I am a regular customer that believes your body can heal itself if you keep it “cleansed” inside and out along with good diet and exercise. I highly recommend this system to all ages. Thanks again Teresa.

-Mel, Fort Worth, TX

I absolutely love the place! Teresa really knows her stuff. She really makes you feel at home. I feel so much healthier since I started coming here. I have had pressure colonics before but once I tried the gravity system I became a true believer. It was such a gentle colonic with great results. I look forward to trying all the services they offer to attain a full sense of health and well-being. I’d highly recommend this place to everyone I know.

– J.H, Colleyville

Colon Cleansing Increased My Energy! This was my first experience with colonics. Teresa made me feel very comfortable during the entire session. I felt like I was talking with a friend. She is so knowledgeable about the colon and ways to help improve your health. Afterwards, I felt great and had so much more energy. What a great feeling after that colonic. I will be back for sure!

– Charles, Arlington

Wow! I am sold on the woods gravity colonics. I am an flight attendant and I know the importance in keeping your body healthy and strong. For years I have done the pressure colonics and thought being uncomfortable was a part of doing colonics. Then I was referred by a friend to try out the woods gravity method. First of all, while the session was going on I was watching an ocean DVD with soft music playing in the background which was so relaxing and all the time Teresa was educating me on healthy diet options I can do for myself. This had to be the best and most gentle colonic I have ever had. My results where that I felt lighter, lots of energy and the fog from my brain was gone! Teresa’s bed beside matter was wonderful. I highly recommend this kind of colonic. If you have never done a gravity colonic you are totally missing out. See you again soon!

– Charlene, Mansfield

Have tried the “gravity system” a few times now, and much prefer the less pressure you feel than when using the “pressure system”. You can’t help but feel comfortable and relaxed with Teresa and the surroundings at OrganiCleanse, I recommend that you try it.

– Rhonda, Ft. Worth

A Newbie to colonics! Was referred by a friend that had done the woods gravity colonics in another state. So I decided to try it for myself. I was surprised to have such a good experience. I felt so good afterwards and the woods method was so gentle just like my friend said. Teresa is extremely personable and took the time with you to explain things. I would highly recommend her to anyone the is interested improving their health. The place was such a clean and caring environment.

– Paula, Dallas

I have lymphedema which results in swelling and fluid retention. Some days are mild and other days it is severe. I was telling my nurse friend that I needed some relief fast. After months to trying different things I was referred Teresa at OrganiCleanse. She uses the Lymphstar Pro and boy has it made a difference in my life. The sessions are painless but so effective. The Lymphstar Pro utilizes light and sound to decongest trapped proteins and congestion within the lymph nodes and lymph system. I have done 6 total sessions along with some colonics. The swelling is going way down. I have a lot more energy and feel better than I have in years. I highly recommend this system and Teresa’s sessions if you are have any kind of lymphatic issues. The colonics where very effective in getting rid of the toxins. I am a total baby when it comes to pain, but the colonics where not bad at all. Gentle to my body! Teresa’s detox package and her bedside matter has turned my life around. It really feels good to start enjoying life again.

– Thomas, Keller

I had an AWESOME experience at OrganiCleanse. I was TERRIFIED of colonics. But I did my research on line and decided to try out the gravity colonics. Teresa eased my concerns and took the time to educate the importance taking control of your health. My colonic session was calming, and gentle. I felt CLEAN AND LIGHTER. What a great sense of well being! I will certainly be back.

– JR, Dallas

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